Water Leak Detection Systems

You might have never considered water a threat, but it can quickly destroy everything you value.  It can occur almost anywhere in your house.  A broken pipe, water-using appliances and fixtures, such as refrigerators with ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and water heaters are common locations of leaks and may cause structural damage, even electrical fires.

Unfortunately, slow leaks at these appliances and fixtures are often impossible to see until it is too late.  A slow leak can cause extensive damage and may develop into a catastrophic leak that can release several gallons of water per minute, causing extensive water damage.  A water leak detection system may help prevent these problems.

Passive Water Leak Detection Systems alert you of a leak by sounding a local audible alarm and some may also feature a flashing light.

Active Leak Detection Systems usually generate some type of alarm, but also perform a function that will stop the water flow. They feature a shut-off valve.  Most devices use a moisture sensor or a flow sensor and timer to determine that something is leaking and needs to be turned off.

Both, Active and Passive Leak detection systems, can be supervised by our Central Monitoring Station, which in turn will notify you or a designated person that something is leaking and needs to be turned off.


  Sprinkler System Supervision

SPRINKLER monitoring devices are designed to monitor Fire Sprinkler systems and provide the peace of mind the property owner needs.

BFM has the ability to monitor (not install) any automatic fire sprinkler system. We tie the contact points of your system into your fire control panel.


 Low Temperature Supervision

LOW TEMPERATURE devices sense the drop of temperature below the freezing point, which might crack or burst pipes in your home or business, costing you thousands of dollars in damage. These devices safeguard your property, triggering a signal at the first sign of freezing temperatures inside your property.

BFM has the ability to monitor these devices and tie them into your control system panel and the Central Station will notify you of the event.


We, at BFM, are concerned about your property and possessions.