Video/Elevator Surveillance

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE and recording systems offer flexible, easy security enhancements for your business.  Even the presence of video camera often acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.

A Video surveillance system may deter against robbery and break-ins or unauthorized activities in and around the Property.  People who use a video surveillance system may monitor their property from a remote location, checking on the security of their business and belongings or the safety and well being of their employees.

Video surveillance and recording may help:

• Deterring violations of safety, vandalism, or theft.

• Reducing insurance costs.

• Identifying sources of property loss.

• Supporting insurance claims for property loss.

• Protecting from fraudulent liability claims.

• Guarding restricted areas.

• Enhancing employee performance

Video surveillance, installed by BFM, adds to your peace of mind while at or away from home.


ELEVATOR SURVEILLANCE :  Power or system failure may stop your elevator at any time.  Being trapped in an elevator can be a traumatic experience.  A button or telephone in elevators allows you to contact help.

BFM monitors and responds to elevator emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assure you that your elevator company has been notified for dispatch of repair technicians.

Regarding all details and alternatives of elevator surveillance and monitoring call BFM and ask to speak to our commercial security adviser.